How/Why Mansion Interiors?

Just like the time 20 years ago when I thought to myself “when I am older I want to play golf” and this year I thought, ooeerr, I’m older, lets learn some golf! (And I have and I love it).  So this year I thought to myself, I need to be doing something I love, its time I was doing something where I can do what is in my heart, and not just in my head and Ta Dah, out popped Mansion Interiors!  Life is short, it’s time to take that big jump off the cliff and either grab onto the passing fluffy cloud and skip the light fandango or plummet to the floor and realise next time I should get myself a parachute!

“You obviously have too much time on your hands” said my little sister sarcastically!  I’m a mum, I’m Wonder Woman I thought, but didn’t say out loud.  I believe you should always try and make time to do what makes you happy and running my own business makes me proud, excited and very very happy.    My husband and 3 daughters are just as excited as me and we are constantly coming up with cool ideas of how we “all” input into our new baby business.  My daughter and I are already booked onto a photography course in the new year so we can take glorious photos of our products in situ, we want to show you not only how wonderful the items are, but suggestion on how to place , dress and situate them in your home.

Mansion Interiors is about sharing my passion for quality interior accessories and furnishings and do this with my eye for detail, class and always to have an “easy to do business with” attitude.   I wanted to have a business that meets my own standards, which my husband will confirm, are very high!  My idea is to do all the running around for you, find niche suppliers of wonderful items and pull them all together in a beautiful and fully functional website.

I hope you will follow us through our new journey and I look forward to introducing you to everyone next time.